Barcode Project


  • Brendan S Watkins Missouri Southern State University
  • Brittany Briscoe


Begun in 2020, the ERP system with a barcode implementation project intends to provide the blueprint layout for companies wishing to implement a more timely and efficient way of logging their products. This project has a behavioral enhancement goal and scientific goal in the workplace. The behavioral enhancement goal is to reach each operator and change their negative outlook towards an ERP system. The scientific goal is to turn the manual ERP system to automatic. This will allow for the waste of time to be reduced drastically and for an increase in productivity for the operators. In order to implement such equipment on a grand scale, the use of six sigma technique: define, measure, analyze, improve, and control or known as the DMAIC model; must be used as the guidelines to properly attain such goals. From our root cause analysis, a barcode scanner would be an ideal tool for companies that have manual ERP systems that wish to transition to automatic. A minute process such as an ERP system can show promising financial benefits for those companies that want to improve their systems. This barcode project contains clear and fundamental procedures that will allow for the growth of ERP configurations, with the use of six sigma techniques.  



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