Wireless Enabled Robotic Glove Controller

  • Gang Sun Northern Kentucky University


     In order to protect human lives from harm and fatality in hazardous and harsh working environments, it is vital to develop new robotic control technologies that will allow people to operate robots and perform routine preventive maintenance or emergency repairs in a safe manner. The scope of this project is to design, implement and operate a wireless enabled robotic glove to control a robot. The movement of the robot would be controlled by bending each finger, simulating four directions (forward, backward, left and right). This is accomplished using four Flex sensors attached to index, middle, ring and thumb fingers and the fifth finger (pinky) would turn the communication on or off using a Hall-effect sensor. The measurements from the sensors are converted and interpreted by the TI-MSP430F5529 microcontroller into various task commands. These task commands are wirelessly transmitted via a Zigbee network using Xbee coordinator and router modules. The Xbee-router module that is connected to the Arduino and motor control board receives task commands from the Xbee - coordinator module on the MSP430 glove side to control a robotic car. The testing results showed that the proposed hand sensing glove can effectively control the robot via a Zigbee-based wireless network. Adding more controls and logic to other functions would also be possible by using suitable sensors to control the required tasks of the robot.