Call for Papers: Undergraduate Projects


The Journal of Innovative Ideas in Engineering and Technology (JIIET) is announcing the call for papers with the focus on undergraduate research. If you have/had a term project or Capstone course, this is the time to publish your idea to receive professional credentials. If you have/had been a part of a competition in college, you can publish your work as well.

 Why publish your projects:

  • To protect your idea: Publication is evidence that you conceived the idea. You can copyright your paper after publication as well.
  • To give back to the community: People will use your work as a starting point. They will also build and improve upon it. You will become a pioneer in this area of research.
  • To create an outstanding résumé item: Whether you are applying to a graduate program at a university or applying for a job, having a publication credential(s) in a scientific journal is considered a prestigious achievement.

 What you need to publish:

  • The title of your project
  • The name of the author/authors
  • Abstract of your project (200-250 words to describe your project)
  • A poster, a research paper, or an extended abstract

 Why JIIET? 

  • Our editorial and review team is highly qualified and professional. They have dedicated their time and efforts in advancing the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). Therefore, we will help you to improve the quality of your work by providing constructive feedback.
  • We are the one the few journals that publishes research articles written by undergraduate students.
  • JIIET is an open-access, peer-reviewed journal, which provides a platform for authors to publish their work, receive credential(s), and associate their name with their idea(s).
  • You keep the copyright of the published work. This means you are in control of your idea(s).

 Where to submit:

  • Register at
  • Click on “New Submission”
  • Select “College” Section
  • Check all submission requirements
  • Upload your file (poster or paper)
  • Select “Article Text”
  • In the “Metadata” tab, enter the Title, Abstract, and Keywords of your project(s)
  • You can also add other team members in the “List of Collaborators” section

If the submission process is far too complicated, please email your doucment to, and we will take of the submission.


 Dr. Hassan Nameghi, Editor of the Journal of Innovative Ideas in Engineering and Technology, (313) 317-1746